Marisa Piló

Work "Mesh" developed in Artistic Residency ART MAP in Ílhavo Portugal, in May 2017
The Installation had been the purpose created an environment that the viewer in somehow feels inside of a mesh.
Feeling created for the light and the show of the mesh projected on the walls


Work "Inside OUT" developed in Artistic Residency ART MAP in Ílhavo Portugal, in May 2017
When thinking about the concept of Interior / Exterior in a work of art, by formal norms of visual presentation what communicates with the observer of the work will always be what he visualises in a first contact with the work, therefore the exterior, attention will always be given it will be to the external visual aspect of the presentation of the work, it's size, color, form etc ...
The exterior of the work will be what will give the observer the information about what the work is about, it will always be the first contact of relationship that occurs between the work and the observer
However in this Inside - Out Work the focus or focus of the work is centered in its interior, where a projected light appears that crosses the layers of the wood and tries to capture the attention of those who visualize it to its interior, of course, that the exterior forms part but the interior seeks to capture the desire of the viewer who with the light draws attention to what is inside, and the enigma of not being able to visualize in its totality the form of the interior this uncertainty of the form of what will be , leads to the desire to try to see what we can not, causes a fetish "the desire to see what we can not, the desire to try to see beyond what is seen.
The fetish is, therefore, the most important of this work, it is what it tries to provoke in the spectator and consequently encourages the imagination to what will be in its interior.


Shadow and light give the object a more scenic feature that can involve focus and enlarge the object beyond himself.
This is where the reality and the lie, the original and the double, the negative and positive conflict happens when light and shadow confront.


The light and the shadows have the ability of reveal the true and the lies of the objects


The box have the ability to remove time the objects and isolated them. It is a form of archive and protections. In this box if we want see the shadow of the objects that are inside the box we only need to turn on light.