Marisa Piló

Work developed in Artistic Residency Arts Letters and Numbers, Averill Park, Albany, New York. September 2017
The inspiration to build this sculpture was born from my relationship with materials and the act of welding them. I consider that a unique and particular experience that cannot be transferred to a material, it is special, visualized for someone out of my body.
Because, everyone sees, the same object differently. Because everyone feels things differently. Because independent of the shape of the object, everyone with their own specific imagination can see different things in the same shape. It’s all about feelings
Goethe said: “ A bull becomes furious only if he is presented with a red color; a philosopher, on the other hand, goes into a rage as soon as the color is mentioned.”


The sculpture was developed on Artistic Residency ART MAP, Braga, Portugal 2017.
The sculpture was projected for being mutant, building for 10 modules, with five nails with one meter. The concept it was transformed the condition of the sculpture, that for your condition is permanence static and perennial. In this project the sculpture became mutant and depends on who and space she goes occupy, she can be transformed in completely different shapes and be transformed over and over again, she doesn't pretend to be definitely formed in one specific shape.


Sculpture with a mesh of nails soldiers with each other with electrons. It's a sculpture that plays with light and shadows, building without no rules here the chaos it's visible, here the next nails were soldiers it's not premeditated only a final shape a similar a ball is in mind, the rest of constructs is completely uncertain that's why I refer chaos, as a key of this sculpture and process.